Caught Covid Again

This is the 2nd time catching covid. The first time I caught covid was in 2021. My whole family (4) caught it then. My son had symptoms for a few hours and then slept it off. My daughter slept for 2 days and she recovered after that. My wife and I though suffered for nearly 3 weeks. Loss of taste, disgusting smell, loss of appetite, body aches, headaches, dizziness, sore throat, the whole 9. But thank God, we got through it!

This time, we caught it during a trip to Vegas. We met some friends out there before the kids returned from summer break. We’re not quite sure where we caught it, but it could’ve been anywhere since there were so many kids and interactions at the pool. Again the whole family caught it, but the way it’s playing out this time is a bit different. I started feeling sick after a day we came back which was on a Tuesday. The kids’ symptoms started around the same time. Now it’s Friday and the kids haven’t fully recovered yet, unlike the first covid infection. I haven’t fully recovered either, but unlike my first covid infection, the symptoms have been less severe. I’m recovering fairly quickly compared to the first infection and the symptoms are somewhat different. No loss of taste, smell or appetite… mainly had body aches, minor headache, but I’d say the sore throat was more severe this time around.

Another challenge with catching covid during the summer time is the heat. The weather is hot, but your body has chills, so you end up wrapping yourself up in blankets as you sweat. After a short nap, you wake up drenched from sweat and now you’re sticky. It’s really an uncomfortable situation, but it’s really best to sweat out as much toxins as you can for the fastest recovery. Sweating can also boost your immune system.

God forbid any future covid infections, but I’d prefer the 2nd experience by far. My first covid infection was absolutely dreadful.

I know this has nothing to do with gout, but I figured I’d share whatever life experiences come my way. But imagine if you had to deal with both a gout flare up and a covid infection at the same time. No thank you!

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